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Scale Your Service Business Summit
28 experts reveal their best strategies to help you make more money, enjoy more freedom and have more impact. 
4-Day Online Event | February 25 - 28, 2020
Does any of this sound familiar?

You work your butt off for clients, then have no energy left to work on your own business.

You want to serve more people, but you're at maximum capacity and there are only so many hours in a day.

You produce great results, but you're not getting enough recognition and your income has hit a plateau.

You want your business to grow beyond 1:1 clients, but you don't know how to move forward. 

What if a panel of proven entrepreneurs could show you the way? 

Some of the brightest business and marketing minds will share their most effective strategies, systems and secrets to help you scale your service business.

It's time to create the business and lifestyle you deserve.

Our Speakers Have Been Featured In 
Our Speakers Have Been Featured In
These Leading Publications
The Scale Your Service Business Summit Will Show You
  • How to build predictable, repeatable systems to generate more leads
  • How to position yourself to attract your ideal clients
  • How to drive more traffic to your website and raise your online visibility
  • Proven methods to expand your reach and grow your business by being more strategic on social media
  • How to build processes that simplify your business and allow you to create success on your own terms
  • Marketing tactics that hook your audience and convert prospects into buyers
  • How to create optimized marketing funnels that automate and boost your sales
  • The steps to scale successfully including how to know if you're ready to scale
  • The most effective way to leverage Facebook Ads for high-ticket sales
  • How to stop thinking small and develop the mindset that will allow your business to skyrocket
Pick the Brains of  28 Marketing and Business Experts
Practical presentations in a conversational interview format. 
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Want The  Proven Tactics From 20+ Cold Email Experts?
Our handpicked lineup of experts will teach you effective cold-email strategies they use to connect with millions of new prospects.

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Summit Speakers
David Neagle
Founder, Life Is Now Inc.
"How to Achieve Freedom in EVERY Area of Your Life"
Kai Davis
Founder, Davis Industries
"Generate More Leads and Close More Deals with Activity-Based Selling"
Tai Goodwin
CEO, Profit Momentum
"How Online Quizzes Can Dramatically Increase Your Leads and Grow Your Email List"
Hillary Weiss
Founder, Statement Piece Studio
"How to Become Radically Relevant to Your Perfect People"
Andrew McCauley
Co-Founder, Autopilot Your Business
"Understanding and Leveraging the Power of Consistency"
Tanya Smith
Founder, Mindully Marketing
"How to Leverage Live Stream Video to Create a Content Machine"
Lindsay Johnson
Founder, The Radical Connector
"How to Know If You're Ready to Scale"
Mike Killen
Founder, Sell Your Service
"Strategies to Grow From Single to Scale"
Jennifer Spivak
Facebook Ads Queen, Jennifer Spivak LLC
"How to Create and Manage Facebook Ads for High-Ticket Sales"
Andrea Jones
Founder, OnlineDrea
"The Power of Personalized Connection to Boost Your Audience and Business"
Liam Austin
Co-Founder, Entrepreneurs HQ
"How to Use Virtual Summits to Generate More Leads, Authority and Revenue"
Kathleen Gage
Owner, Power Up for Profits
"Build Your Business By Getting Booked on Podcasts"
Laura Beauparlant
Founder & Creative Director, Lab Creative
"Create a Brand that Aligns With You and Your Ideal Client"
Catherine Meyer
Founder & CEO, Catalyst Leadership Solutions
"How to Focus on Your Strengths and Build a Team that Fills the Gaps"
Toni Harris-Taylor
Founder, Drastic Results Training Solutions
"Drastic Networking that Helps You Get Known, Get Connected and Get Paid"
Celine Williams
CEO, Revisionary
"Using Design Thinking to Scale Revenues and Create Success on Your Own Terms"
Travis Brown
Founder, Podcast Buddy
"How to Launch and Grow a Podcast that Grows Your Business"
Patti Porkochak
Founder, Small Biz Sales Coach
"Strategies for Successful Sales Even If You Hate Selling"
Kymberlie Dimoz
Founder, Lightning Rod Agency
"Scale Your Business by Putting the Right Structures in Place"
Keith Perhac
Founder, SegMetrics
"The Best Way to Set Up and Optimize Your Marketing Funnel"
Alicia Berruti
National Speaker, Bomb Bomb
"How to Amplify Your Email Marketing With Simple Video"
Clare Kumar
Productivity Catalyst
"How to Achieve Sustainable Performance in Business and Life"
Jason Reid
CEO, Power Story Master
"How to Craft and Deliver a Signature Talk that Produces Sales"
Founder, Chrys Media
"The Art of Facebook Messenger Marketing to Engage Your Audience and Convert High-Ticket Sales"
Meg Casebolt
Founder, Megabolt
"Get Found on Google Using Powerful Yet Easy SEO Strategies"
Jen Conger
Social Media Coach
"How to Find and Connect with Your Ideal Clients and Collaborators on Social Media"
Laura Connor
Founder, Connor Speaks
"Expand Your Reach and Influence in the Market-Place Through LinkedIn"
Meg Cumby
Social Proof Specialist
"How to Get and Use Great Testimonials to Strategically Attract More Clients"
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Get all the value of a high-powered conference without the tedious travel, expensive hotel stay or awkward networking.
Access never-before-seen interviews recorded exclusively to propel your business to next-level growth. 
Our Speakers have years of experience and expertise growing service businesses or using digital marketing strategies to scale.
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What Previous Summit Attendees Have To Say…
‘Could not get enough of your summit. Just loved it!’
“This was just fantastic! I listened to each one of the experts and found such value from the common elements they all found important and labelled as “must do’s”. What really excited me was that each one of them also provided a unique tip that I was not aware of. Could not get enough of your summit. Just loved it! Thank you so much for putting it together.”

Margie Hanson

Los Angeles, California
‘Ten pages of notes and a lot of practical advice’
“Didn’t think I would watch more than a couple hours of the 30 presentations, but ended up watching virtually all of it. Very nicely done, great content, ten pages of notes and a lot of practical advice.”

Neil Perry

Marketing Consultant, Sydney, Australia
‘I enjoyed listening to the roster of high calibre speakers’
“I enjoyed listening to the roster of high calibre speakers and was amazed by their generosity sharing tips, tricks and secrets. And Liam, I also learned a lot from your expertise as the host. The conversational tone and the preciseness of your questions contributed to an easy understanding and digestion of this rich information. I look forward to the next summit.”

Olivia Goudou

Brand Builder (Canada)
‘This summit was fantastic!’
“Thank you, Liam, and your team for hosting it. You did a great job interviewing the speakers. This summit was fantastic! I really learned a lot and I have only listened to 8 of the presentations so far! Thank you, again, for making this happen!”

Camille Carboneau Roberts

Idaho Falls, United States
‘You put together a great summit with fantastic speakers’
“Thank you Liam for the hard work! You put together a great summit with fantastic speakers. Thanks to the speakers for giving so much to us.”

Judit Nagy

Judit Nagy
Want The  Proven Tactics From 20+ Cold Email Experts?
Our handpicked lineup of experts will teach you effective cold-email strategies they use to connect with millions of new prospects.

For a limited time this exclusive content is accessible to you for free.

What Happens When 28 Experts Share Their Best Stuff?
Just one of the strategies shared by just one our Speakers could change the trajectory of your business. 
Take advantage of this limited-time offer.

 Don't Miss This Opportunity
Immerse yourself in 4 days of unique content from high-calibre Speakers revealing secrets usually reserved for their high-ticket coaching and consulting programs.
Stop wasting hours on Google and buying over-priced courses from so-called gurus. We save you time and stress by gathering the best of the best in their field, sharing up-to-date tactics that are working right now in their own businesses.
You can watch the 4-day Summit from the comfort of your home. Imagine how many thousands of dollars you would have to pay to listen to these top-level Experts at a live Conference.
 Summit Host: 
Hi! I’m Nkiru Asika, a marketing coach, strategist and conversion copywriter, with a previous background in TV, strategic communications and corporate training.  

I understand what it means to get burned out on client work.  I also know what it means to want more. To have dreams for your business that are so big, you’re scared to say them out loud. 

Over the years, I’ve done my share of chasing shiny objects, but here's what really matters:

1. Know what you want.
2. Learn from the best.
3. Put what you learn into practice.

If you are an ambitious business owner, consultant, coach, creator or founder who wants to achieve next-level growth, then you’ve come to the right place. I designed the Scale Your Service Business Summit with you in mind. 

I may not know the ins and outs of your business, but I can promise you this: Invest the time to soak up the strategies and insights shared at this Summit and you will transform your business. I also promise to support you in your journey, as you start to implement the lessons learned.

If you're ready to take your business to greater heights, come join me, 28 top Speakers and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs at the Scale Your Service Business Summit.

Register today. Reap the benefits forever.

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Want The  Proven Tactics From 20+ Cold Email Experts?
Our handpicked lineup of experts will teach you effective cold-email strategies they use to connect with millions of new prospects.

For a limited time this exclusive content is accessible to you for free.

Get Proven Tactics From 28 Marketing and Business Experts
Transform the way you do business, improve the results you achieve for your clients and boost your revenue.  

You won't find this exclusive content anywhere else online. 
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