Here is the Live Presentation Schedule for the Scale Your Service Business Summit
Day 1 – Opening Keynote
How to Achieve Freedom in EVERY Area of Your Life 
In this session you will be taught:
  • What holds people back from achieving their full potential
  • The difference between those who make it to the highest levels of achievement and those who don't
  • The mindset of a 7 or 8 figure entrepreneur
  • The one thing you need to start doing now
  • The one thing you need to stop doing now
    Founder, Life Is Now Inc.

    09.00 am ET

    Day 1 - Scale Your Strategy

    Strategies to Grow From Single to Scale 
    In this session you will be taught:
    • The #1 mistake people make when looking to scale
    • How to scale your audience
    • How to scale your income/sales
    • How to scale your operations/deliverables
    • What to do if you don't like the idea of hiring or "getting big"
    Mike Killen
    Founder, Sell Your Service

    10.00 am ET

    How to Become Radically Relevant to Your Perfect People
    In this session you will be taught:
    • How to even START to envision a new piece of your business
    • How to uncover the most logical next step between where you are now and where you want to be
    • What is the best first step
    • The strategic way to approach pricing
    • How to test your new ideas to make sure they work long term
    Hillary Weiss
    Founder, Statement Piece Studio
    11:00 am ET
    How to Use Virtual Summits to Generate More Leads, Authority and Revenue
    In this session you will be taught:
    • What is a virtual summit
    • The core benefits of a virtual summit
    • The kind of results you can achieve from hosting virtual summits
    • How you get traffic to visit your virtual events
    • The low-down on how to create and host your own virtual summit
    Liam Austin
    Co-Founder, Entrepreneurs HQ
    12:00 pm ET
    Strategies for Successful Sales Even If You Hate Selling
    In this session you will be taught:
    • How to dentify your ideal client that you help
    • The importance of knowing your value (in numbers if possible)
    • Why you must learn how to ask the right questions
    • How to guide the conversation so you uncover the needs of your prospect
    • The art of talking about your solution in as few words as possible.
    • The right way to ask for the order 
    Patti Pokorchak
    Founder, Small Biz Sales Coach
    1:00 pm ET 
    How to Know If You're Ready to Scale
    In this session you will be taught:
    • What your level of ease or struggle around money can tell you
    • The importance of loving what you do
    • Building an audience and network to support your scale
    • Why you need a signature program, system, talk, book etc
    • How to recognize when it's time to build your empire
    Lindsay Johnson
    Founder, The Radical Connector
    3:00 pm ET
    Drastic Networking to Get Known, Get Connected and Get Paid
    In this session you will be taught:
    • Why networking is even more important than you think
    • How to learn to love networking, even if you hate it
    • The top 3 things every networker should do?
    • The #1 thing you can do when networking to grow your business
    • How you can speed up the process of relationship building 
    Toni Harris Taylor
    Founder, Drastic Results Training Solutions
    4.00 pm ET
    How to Craft and Deliver a Signature Talk That Produces Sales
    In this session you will be taught:
    • Why speaking is such an effective way of building your reach
    • How to ensure you keep people's attention during your presentation
    • How to add value for your audience without "giving away" your secrets
    • The difference between speaking to sell and selling from the stage
    • How to do an effective call to action
    Jason Reid
    CEO, Power Story Master
    5.00 pm ET
    Day 2 – Scale Your Marketing
    How An Online Quiz Can Dramatically Increase Your Leads and Grow Your Email List
    In this session you will be taught:
    • How to choose the end result/action that you want your prospects to take
    • How to create a quiz that gives you insight and you data
    • How to create a follow up sequence that nurtures clients to take the action you want
    • How to create a Facebook ad to drive traffic to your quiz
    Tai Goodwin
    CEO, Profit Academy
    9:00 am ET
    How to Create and Manage Facebook Ads for High-Ticket Sales
    In this session you will be taught:
    • Why Facebook Ads are STILL/REALLY *actually* working (i.e. generating a profit) for high ticket coaches and service providers
    • The challenges with Facebook Ads for high ticket coaches and service providers
    • How to ensure you're only getting on the phone with qualified leads
    • What metrics should you be looking at to know if your ads are working
    Jennifer Spivak
    The Facebook Ads Girl
    10.00 am ET
    Create a Brand that Aligns With You and Your Dream Client
    In this session you will be taught:
    • The most common branding mistakes that businesses make
    • How to stand out in a saturated market
    • How to attract your dream clients
    • What is branding and why is it so important
    • What does it mean to have an authentically human brand?
    Laura Beauparlant
    Founder & Creative Director, Lab Creative
    11:00 am ET
    How to Launch and Grow a Podcast That Grows Your Business
    In this session you will be taught:
    • What podcats equipment to use
    • Travis' full proof launch plan 
    • How to project manage and stay organized
    • Which podcast host to use
    • How to record remote guests
    • Free Podcast tools 
    Travis Brown
    Founder, Podcast Buddy
    12:00 pm ET
    The Power of Personalized Connection to Boost Your Audience
    In this session you will be taught:
    • The questions you need to ask yourself before building a social media strategy
    • How much time should be spent creating content for social media
    • The best way to grow your audience?
    • How to measure success on social media?
    • How social media fits into your overall marketing plan
    Andrea Jones
    Founder, OnlineDrea
    3.00 pm ET
    How to Get and Use Great Testimonials to Strategically Attract More Clients
    In this session you will be taught:
    • The right way to ask for a testimonial
    • How to provide the structure so that you get effective testimonial material from your client
    • What questions you should ask
    • How to keep the client's language as much as possible
    • The importance of follow-up
    • The different places and ways to strategically use your testimonials 
    Meg Cumby
    Social Proof Specialist
    4:00 pm ET
    Expand Your Reach and Influence in the Market Place Through LinkedIn
    In this session you will be taught:
    • Why should a service business owner use LinkedIn over other marketing methods?
    • How to get started using LinkedIn effectivelyl
    • The 5 steps to building your business on LinkedIn
    • Why using video is so important in your LinkedIn content marketing strategy
    • The power of LinkedIn for collaboration
    • The one mistake that people commit when showing up on LinkedIn
    Laura Connor
    Founder, Connor Speaks
    5:00 pm ET

    Day 3 - Scale Your Marketing (Part 2)

    How to Leverage Live Stream Video to Create a Content Machine 
    In this session you will be taught:
    • Why live stream video is such a powerful marketing tool
    • How to deliver live stream content that is engaging, organized and authentic
    • The tools that make it easy to repurpose live stream video into different types of content
    • Duration, scheduling and how to manage your live streaming
    • Top tips on producing engaging live streams
    Tanya Smith
    Founder, Mindfully Marketing
    9:00 am ET
    The Art of Facebook Messenger Marketing to Engage Your Audience and Convert High-Ticket Sales 
    In this session you will be taught:
    • The low-down on Facebook messenger marketing a.k.a FB Messenger bot
    • Why your business needs a Facebook Messenger Bot
    • Why it doesn't matter is you are not a big Facebook user
    •  The best use cases for a Facebook messenger bot
    • Some important rules to remember with this marketing channel
    Founder, Chrys Media
    10:00 am ET
    Build Your Business by Getting Booked on Podcasts
    In this session you will be taught:
    • The power of visibility to build your business
    • Why podcasts are so effective as a way to gain visibility in a crowded space
    • How to find the podcasts that will work for your business
    •  The steps you need to take to get booked on podcasts
    • Why you should focus on getting booked for podcasts rather than starting your own podcast 
    Kathleen Gage
    Owner, Power Up for Profits
    11:00 am ET
    How to Find and Connect with Your Ideal Clients and Collaborators on Social Media
    In this session you will be taught:
    • Where to focus your time and energy to grow your following if you're starting out on social media
    • How you can begin to monetize your social media efforts
    •  What types of content and messaging is the most effective on social media
    •  What your priorities should be if you have 30 minutes a day for social strategy
    • The biggest mistake people make when it comes to their social media
    Jen Conger
    Social Media Coach
    3:00 pm ET
    How to Amplify Your Email Marketing With Simple Video 
    In this session you will be taught:
    • The importance of rehumanizing our communication with simple video
    • The various ways you can implement simple video in your business
    • How to use simple video for customer relations
    • How to use simple video to sell, for lead conversion and product launches
    • How to use simple video to follow up after a sales call
    • How to use simple video to maintain past client relationships
    • How to overcome the fear of video
    Alicia Berruti
    National Speaker, BombBomb
    4:00 pm ET
    How to Get Found on Google Using Powerful Yet Easy SEO Strategies
    In this session you will be taught:
    • How to validate your idea so your blog promotes your business
    • How to find the words your ideal clients are searching for
    • How to organize your ideas for maximum searchability
    • How to create content that is optimized for search
    • How to connect your content and build links
    Meg Casebolt
    Founder, Megabolt Digital
    5:00 pm ET
    Day 4 – Scale Your Systems 
    Generate More Leads and Close More Deals Consistently with Activity-Based Selling
    In this session you will be taught:
    • What is activity-based selling and why is it important?
    • How does activity-based selling help you grow your business?
    • Whether you need any special tools to use activity-based selling
    • The importance of polite, persistent follow-up.
    • How activity-based selling is different from follow-up?
    • Using activity-based selling for customer engagement and retention
    Kai Davis
    Founder, Davis Industries
    9:00 am ET
    Using Design Thinking to Scale Revenues and Create Success on Your Own Terms
    In this session you will be taught:
    • What is design thinking and why does it matter?
    • How to apply it in your business
    • How to start the process of simplifying your businesss
    • What it is that holds people back from scaling
    • The importance of the customer journey
    • How to map that customer journey and other journeys that you should be thinking about
    Celine Williams
    CEO, Revisionary
    10:00 am ET
    Understanding and Leveraging the Power of Consistency
    In this session you will be taught:
    • How you can create consistency
    • What tools can you use to help with being consistent
    • The benefits of being consistent
    • The most important things to be consistent in
    • How you can know if consistency is working
    Andrew McCauley
    Co-Founder, Autopilot Your Business
    11:00 am ET
    How to Achieve Sustainable Performance in Your Business and Life
    In this session you will be taught:
    • An overview of the Productivity Table Stakes (PTS)
    • Why the PTS are so important
    • How to learn what you need
    • The importance of finding joy
    • How to hold onto the Productivity Table Stakes even though it's difficult
    Clare Kumar
    Productivity Catalyst
    12:00 pm ET
    The Best Way to Set Up and Optimize Your Marketing Funnel
    In this session you will be taught:
    • Why you should forget KPIs when it comes to marketing
    • The "touchpoints" that you should be looking at when starting to optimize your marketing funnel
    • What you should optimize first on your funnel
    • How to keep your automated content "fresh" but not be trapped in a content-creation loop
    • The best way to set up the funnel to understand which lead sources are providing the best value
    • How to measure and track
    • What industry-standard numbers you should be aiming for
    Keith Perhac
    Founder, SegMetrics
    3.00 pm ET
    Scale Your Business By Putting The Right Structures in Place
    In this session you will be taught:
    • How to build a business on your terms not by following what others have done
    • How to pull the wisdom from all the learnings you've gathered in your business journey and use the strategies that really resonate with you to build your business
    •  How to transition from being a solo entrepreneur to a working with a team and
    • What structures you need in place
    Kymberlie Dimozantos
    Founder, Lightning Rod Agency
    4:00 pm ET
    How to Focus on Your Strengths and Build a Team that Fills the Gaps
    In this session you will be taught:
    • How to recognize the signs that you are overextending yourself and "working against your grain"
    • How to get clarity on your own strengths and where you need help
    • How to determine what you are willing and able to let go of control of
    • The importance of deciding how you want to create your team
    • How to bring the right people on board
    Catherine Meyer
    Founder & CEO, Catalyst Leadership Solutions
    5.00 pm ET
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